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What qualifies as an sba loan candidate?

7(a) Funding Group is THE SBA loan source for banks. Whether the need is loan volume or loan servicing (or both), 7(a) Funding is your answer! As the rules of banking have changed, many banks have not taken advantage of the guaranteed loans via the Small Business Administration (SBA). Often, it relates to a few main concerns:

In this model, we remove ALL of those concerns. 7(a) Funding Group serves as your SBA Team and can also (if needed) serve as your loan servicer. We have access to millions of dollars in valid opportunities on a monthly basis, and we can feed those to your bank. And, with your bank having a 750 Agreement in place, we can bring loans from across the country to your bank’s portfolio – eliminating geographic concentration issues. 


We have access to several industry verticals







Fill the loan bucket

As such, your bank can ask for certain industries to fill the loan bucket – further diversifying the portfolio. In our model, we package and underwrite to your banks specifications. We also assist in tailoring your policy to assure that deals are underwritten within SBA guidelines. Upon completion of that step, we get the Authorization from SBA, close and fund the loan. After the loan is closed, our team assist in the sale of the guaranteed portion (for near immediate revenue for the bank), and follow up with the necessary reporting to SBA on an ongoing basis. The bank also retains a portion of the loan (at a healthy rate spread) to strengthen the bank’s balance sheet. All of this happens, and you NEVER HIRED A NEW EMPLOYEE!

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