What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

We all get asked this question as kids, and when we’re little, the sky’s the limit. We say, Astronaut, or Doctor, or Movie Star but very rarely do you hear I want to be an entrepreneur when I grow up. Don’t get me wrong, that does happen to a few driven kids but not many. When we are little we don’t automatically see the benefits of being your own boss. It sounds nice but that’s not the first thing that tends to come to the mind of a typical 6 year old. As that 6 year old grows up they may decide that Astronaut or Movie Star isn’t really what they thought it would be. This opens the door to so many different amazing professions they didn’t even know existed. Perhaps at a younger age, they find their place is at a law firm or behind a computer screen but perhaps they find that being a kid is pretty great too.

I didn’t know I wanted to be an entrepreneur till later in life. I knew I wanted to work in finance but typically that meant a bank or large company, not necessarily for myself. My family members had their own businesses and I grew up understand the work that was involved but wasn’t sure it was for me. I needed to gain life experience, as well as work experience, before I could fathom going out on my own. However, that’s what I did.

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy, it isn’t glamorous (at first), but it is probably the most rewarding adventure you can ever start.

Where to start

The beginning of anything great can literally start anywhere. There are legends of cocktail napkins, long chats over beer, and actual light-bulb moments. The common denominator with all of these processes is passion and a strong desire for; more, change, better, different, etc. basically anything outside the existing box. However, not everyone has an “ah ha” moment. Don’t get discouraged, if you know you want to start something for yourself, there are ideas floating all over the internet. These are business ideas made for all skill levels, from childcare to business consulting. In addition, there are franchises that are always up for expansion. If you have the appetite, and desire to be your own boss, the only thing holding you back is yourself, and possibly finances, (but we are here to help with that last part).

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